From eye infection and injuries to Diabetic eye exams, the doctors at Eye & Vision have top credentials and are Board Certified in medical care. With 26 years of experience in managing eye diseases, your eyes are in good hands.



Looking to get your yearly vision exam? Eye & Vision has the technology to make your prescription accurate, no second guessing. Be it eyeglasses or contact lenses our 26 years of experience will make you see clearly!



Looking for elegant, sporty, stylish or pragmatic? Eye & Vision has the right pair of glasses for you! With over 1000 frames, we have a wide selection of high-quality and budget frames in our office. Come and talk to our optician, we are sure you will find your style!


Eye & Vision


Welcome to Eye & Vision in Richardson where excellence and quality are tradition.

Whether you have an eye injury, eye emergency, eye infection, need eye surgery

of just need routine eye care for better vision with eyeglasses or contact lenses,

we are the experts and are here to help you with your eyes and vision.


If you are looking for new stylish frames or you have questions about your eyes,

contact lenses or vision? We are here to offer you professional personal and detailed doctor

advice about all your eye needs. Experience the level of care that our staff and doctors deliver

and the personalized, medical, optical and vision services we provide.

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"Peace of mind is not a new Rx for glasses, 
it is knowing you receive the best care." 

Mr. Ron Smith, Richardson, patient since 1997



Healthy vision is more than just the ability to see. That is why we offer our  experience combined with the latest technology to provide comprehensive Eye & Vision Care. Eye Care is more than technology and techniques, it's  people and delivering caring health care in a setting where you feel welcomed, comfortable, and educated. 

Our Doctors understand this better than anyone, which is why we go farther to make sure you are comfortable before, during and after every visit. Because in the end it is about your eyes. We proud ourselves in earning your trust by helping you see better, and feel better. Come see why we are the premiere office for optical, vision and medical eye care in Richardson. 

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We treat dry eye syndrome in our dry eye clinic services including Sjrojen's syndrome, ocular rosacea, ocular surface disease, dry eyes, dry red eyes. We offer red eye, eye infections, in office eye surgery, and vision specialist consultation by our eye doctors. We treat keratitis, medical dry eye, cornea, corneal disease in north Texas. We manage and treat eyes and eye exams, watery eyes, allergy, tears, dry eye therapy specialist in dry eye, dry eye expert, eye dryness, eye irritation, eye and vision problems by our optometrist and ophthalmologist who care for corneal abrasion, kerato conjunctivitis, sicca syndrome, eye injury, infected irritated eye lasik, lasik induced dryness, center for dry eye specialist in dry eye. We akso manage ocular rosacea, corneal rosacea, rheumatoid, thyroid, birth control pills, hormones, hrt dry eye, pingueculae, pingueculum, pinguecula, conjunctival hypertrophy and punctum plugs, 3417 Spectrum Blvd in the Renner Business Park, Richardson, TX, 75082 Optometrist and ophthalmologist in eye, eye exam serving Plano, Murphy, Wylie, Sachse, Rowlette, Richardson, Frisco. Our physicians have extensive experience. Richardson, Plano Tx
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Eye & Vision, a Leading Eye Doctor Group in Richardson, Texas Expands Scope of Specialized Eye Care
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